Friday, March 29, 2013

Fridays Scissors and Cream (Freezer Meals Before Baby)

Three days before Piper was born we went to Costco and bought MASS amounts of food to make into freezer meals.  Here are our favorite recipes we made to freeze. FYI- A lot of these recipes are repeats from other posts I have made.

First we made...

25 Breakfast Burritos  Simple ingredients: uncooked tortillas from costco, scrambled eggs, diced ham and cheddar
These little delights I think are our favorites out of everything we made to freeze.  They taste so gourmet and yummy every time.  We have totally substituted them for our frozen burritos we normally buy at the store.

4 divided family portions of homemade cheddar cheese sauce- Recipe HERE
4 divided family portions of homemade Gorgonzola cream sauce- Recipe HERE
These have been great alternative to jarred sauce and its super easy to pull out to put on cooked noodles!

Sloppy Joes Recipe HERE  I omitted the tomato ingredients and added them when I emptied the zip lock bag to the sauce pan for dinner.

1 double recipe of Tomato Basil Parmasen Soup Recipe HERE

2 Shepard's Pies  Recipe HERE
We had extra potatoes left over so this was a great way to use them up.  I put them in casserole dishes with tin foil over them and popped them into the freezer

4 Crockpot Chicken Pot Pies  Recipe HERE  
We put the filling into a gallon sized bag and would make the pie top when we were ready to eat it.

25 Healthy Danagan Muffins  Recipe HERE

Skinny Strawberry Chocolate Muffins  Recipe HERE

Tis the season to make mass batches!  Whether it is to give out to people or freeze it for the December day you literally have 13 places to be at once this recipe wont let you down!
We kind of mixed our own recipe together then zip locked 5-8 in individual bags for future dinners.  HERE is the original recipe we used.

Chicken Cord On Bleu Casserole  Recipe HERE
This is by far our favorite freezer meal recipe!!!!

2 meals of Crockpot Cashew Chicken Recipe HERE

25 Gorgonzola sour cream twice baked potatoes
25 cheddar and bacon twice baked potatoes
  We threw 25 big Costco russet potatoes in the oven and cooked them til they were cooked all the way through.  Then we scooped out the middles and whipped up to separate batches of mashed potatoes.  The shared ingredients in the two batches of mashed potatoes were fat free sour cream, milk, butter, cheddar cheese and salt and pepper.  We then added the separate ingredients to each batch to make them unique.  Lastly we filled the skins with a few scoops, flash freezed them then put 6 to each 1 gallon sip lock bag.

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