Sunday, April 7, 2013

March Madness: Happy Dano's 3rd Birthday, Piper's Blessing, St Patty's AND Easter!!

We had a pretty intense March so I am sorry for such a long and cluttered picture blog post. Early in the month Danagan had a Pirate themed party for turning 3 years old.  He now daily asks if its his birthday again. We will often find ourselves lighting candles in random pieces of food just to reenact the event!  Too Fun.  The same birthday weekend we blessed Piper since family would all still be in town. We then had fun with the St Patrick day and Easter events.  We are so thankful for our friends and family who made this March Madness even more fun for us!

Happy Easter!

Happy St Patty's Day.  Don't you just want to pinch these cheeks!!!  To celebrate we invited some new friends over for corned beef  and veggies

Danagan's 3rd Birthday

Pirate sign with burnt vintage edges will be on the door.  It will state"Argh...Pirates only, No trespassing, All others will walk the plank, Enter at your own risk"
Mustache pirate Cake HERE...The whole theme has been based around this!

Pirate marshmallow suckers HERE
brown chocolate mustache mold suckers
Orange wedge boats floating on cups of blue jello HERE
Tuna salad in cucumber chunks HERE
Cheese cubes and ritz crackers- pirate gold
olives- cannon balls
pirate booty
Pineapple cups- pirate jewels
veggie plates- peppers, carrots, cucumbers,- pirate swords
Tattooed banana halves HERE

First we decorated a paper pirate hat and staple it together to wear for the duration of the party
I painted treasure boxes and they put stickers and gem stones on them. Next these little matey's dug through a rice filled box knecklaces, compass rings and gold pieces to fill their decorated treasure chest

 Piper's Blessing

Totally tuckered out from the weekend events!

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