Friday, March 1, 2013

Scissors and Cream: Burlap Wreath, Banana Bread, Twine Jar, Potato Soup, and

Flur's AMAZING Banana Bread

Not sure if I have already posted this one but this is seriously an amazing recipe.  We have tried multiple recipes and this one has the ingredients perfect!  I think sifting the dry ingredients makes a huge difference as well.  Once you have tried this recipe you will want to throw all your other bread recipes OUT!

FAILED Twine Jar...

So, this could have been cute if I used thicker rope but since it was so thin you could still see the hot cocoa label underneath the hot glue.  I stopped mid way after I noticed that and gave up. :(

Burlap Wreath

HERE is the wreath I copied.  She lost me instantly on step number 3 when folding the square corners together!  I decided to experiment and put the corners all together and pin them on the foam wreath that way.

Crock Pot Potato Soup

HERE is the recipe we tried.  I used a whole bag of baby red potatoes instead because I can never get the dirt taste out of the russet ones :(  It turned out so bad my sister in law wouldn't even tell me honestly how terrible it was.  *Sigh* So, I am still in search of a awesome potato soup recipe for the drizzly days.

Instead I finally found a awesome recipe to replace this one!  HERE it is.  Potato Barley Soup.  MMMMM

We gobbled it up so fast that I couldn't get a picture!

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