Friday, April 12, 2013

April Showers bring may flower hair bows?

For those who are new to our blog I have taken on the challenge to broaden my domestic goddess talents. I will be posting "first attempts" to crafts and recipes each week for your entertainment success or total failure! I call these my Friday's scissor and cream posts.

Since we found out last August that we were going to be having a girl.  I couldn't help but feel a little overwhelmed with my crafty list.  (Darn you Pintrest!)  Of course I wanted to make a gazillion hair pretties for her so here they are...Prepare yourself.  Most of these are super easy and somewhat cheating to make compared to a lot of the other ones I have seen in the blog world.

I got the organization idea from Pintrest and made it in a second.  Its so much easier to use then the jewelry box I have for her!

Here is a hair pretty package I sent to my sister this last September
-The nylon headbands I made out of .50 cent stockings from walgreens with the help of THIS tutorial.  For a newborn head I found that 4.5-5 inches long were a perfect fit! I made brown, white and black

-Felt bows I made from this tutorial HERE.  I loved the rounded corner look better then the normal points.

-The fake flowers I found at a garage sale for pennies and added over sized pearls to the middle with a hot glue gun.

-My organza flowers I make are definitely my favorite.  They are a little more time consuming because hot glue does not stick to the fabric so you have to hand sew them :( HERE is the tutorial to follow

The blue vintage frayed flower was made with THIS tutorial.  I made it in beige as well and works great for those outfits that are hard to find the right color for!

Matching THE tutu!
I bought THIS adorable photography prop tutu and I needed to get a adorable flower to match.  Unfortunately, it took a while to match the color but it works!  HERE is the tutorial I followed for it!

Sunflower Cluster  I had these little scrap booking flowers so I threw on a felt backing and made a cluster hair pretty! Lovely model...It scares me how much he loves girly things!

Die Cut Flower Fun
My friend let me borrow her sizzix Big Shot die cutting machine with THIS flower die and THIS butterfly die.  For the flowers I used the same concept as the blue frayed flower in my sisters package.   The only difference is these ones have cute little scalloped edges from the flower shape!

Here she is wearing the brown right side flower...picture makes a big difference when its not on a head!

Folded shape flowers
These I made with the Big Shot I mentioned above. Since you fold these from the middle its SUPER important each one of the shapes are exactly the same size all the way around.  HERE is the tutorial.  You will see to make these flowers you just stop at step 6!

Here she is wearing the paisley one in the bottom right corner

Fancy Peacock feathers
I was looking endlessly for a flapper peacock headband but they were going for A LOT of mullah! I found this at Hobby Lobby for 3 bucks and sewed some black buttons I had to the felt backing.  Saved almost 20 bucks this way!

Circle Vintage Flowers
THESE are SUPER easy!  What I love the most about these is that you can have a uneven circle and it looks just fine.  It also is a great way to make use of your scrap bin...your welcome :)

Felt Flowers
I am not really a fan of felt most of the time because I can never manipulate it just right.  The yellow puff was made from THIS tutorial out of yarn and the blue felt stringy one I got from a blog HERE
The felt flowers below came from a massive JOANNS headband kit pre cut and ready to glue.  So...again hardly a creative flower but they sure are cute!

Secret Shabby Chic Flowers
I call these secret flowers because they are a busy mom unknown secret.  These flowers come already made on a continuous spool of fabric in the ribbon section of your local fabric store.  Cut each individual one out and throw a backing on it.  I guess I can't really say this is even a craft but who really cares its a cute way to make hair flowers!  HERE is an example of what the fabric looks like

Yo Yo Flowers
Love Love love these little hand sew flowers.  HERE is a tutorial to follow.  They seem to always turn out to be the perfect medium size.  They are also pretty forgiving as far as shape goes.

Here are some other ones I threw together but I do not have tutorials to link them with.  Sorry...just having fun

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Emily said...

So glad you posted this. I've been avoiding headbands and flowers the whole time I've been baby girl clothes shopping and now that I have a stash of clothes I need to get on the accessories!