Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Now that we are a family of 4

Now that we are a family of four we have been trying to do a lot of balancing around here.  I still have been nannying part time and Daniel has been doing photography and working full time in his new position.

We have been doing a lot of our normal routine with Piper which has been actually a lot of fun.  Here they are snuggling in for story time.  (her eyes are always bugged out like this.  It really makes her hair look even funnier.  Like she was struck by lightening!)

Last week we noticed that instead of Pipers hair falling out like Danagan's did it is growing in blonde and thicker!  Now she is beginning to look like a bad hair dye job. LOL,  Here is her first curl on her left side and a hair comparison picture.

Danagan nearly bald by 3 months!

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