Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our year isn't done yet???

Here is a old post I forgot to publish in JUNE!  Now looking back at this post.  I am extremely grateful for all of the many blessings that came after this week of terror.  Keep in mind I was 3 months pregnant and still sick during all of this too!

HERE you go....
So we had another whooper week again!  Someone seriously has a voodoo doll of me!  Here is how our amazingly dramatic week went:

Friday: (still on vacation in Portland) Danagan's toenails began to fall off from the cuticles.  We later found out that this is a common thing that happens with people that had a bad case of Hand Foot And Mouth Disease 6 weeks earlier.  Little did we know this was definitely not the worst to come for our week!

Sunday: We started driving home from Portland and it took us 7 hours!  Danagan some how picked up the flu  during our travels and kept puking all the way home.  Joy!  FYI- always buy a car seat that can be completely disassembled easily for washing!

Monday:  Danagan was still running a low grade fever so we decided to stick with our plan and pick strawberries for a 1/2 hr at a local farm.  When we got home he wanted to nap so we put a light sheet on him.  He almost instantly rolled his eyes in the back of his head and his facial muscles started twitching. He was having a fibril seizure induced by his body temperature going up to high too quickly. Daniel had these when he was younger but it didn't make it less scary.  We now have a great respect for those who have lost babies or children in tragic events.  Although he did not die we certainly thought we were whitnessing it!  Daniel has seen/been a part of a lot of emergencies in the past therefore he is usually the first to keep his cool.  The terror I say in his eyes when he yelled at me to call 911 was unforgettable.  I knew it was something serious just from his face.  Fortunately the paramedics came in a timely manner and Dangan had already stopped seizing.  He actually was freezing and had goosebumps all over him. His temp was 101 degrees but we are pretty sure it went up to atleast 103-104 during the seizure.  There was nothing the paramedics could do for him besides suggest keeping up with the tylonol.  We took his to Swedish urgent care to atleast get more medication and be monitored.  Now in retrospect it was really to give us a peace of mind since we were scared senseless.  They gave him a popsicle and monitored him. We got a nice sheet of info on fever seizures. It said next time to hold off on calling 911 until he is seizing for MORE then FIVE minutes!  I honestly do not know if I will be able to control myself from call even if it is 60-90 seconds like it was this time.

Wednesday:  Danagan contracted a really bad chest/head cold even though we hadn't even been anywhere!Poor kid.

Thursday:  One of the kids we nanny slammed his toes and fingers in our metal door.  Then he had a tall lamp fall on him and shatter over his head.

I honestly was scared to go to the grocery store that night because I thought our car might just blow up!
After this week we are trying to peice everything back together.  We are extremely grateful for our health. We are also grateful for the gospel in our lives that can give us meaning for trials and burdens we carry to become more like Christ.

 At the hospital for a lot of monitoring after the seizure.... Most expensive popsicle he will have in his life!

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