Friday, June 22, 2012

A little Catch up! Truck Driving, Stitches, and Broken Axels

 I am calling this year our year of Brimstone and Hell Fire.  I am emotionally numb from all of the crazy drama and hard things we are going through right now.  I guess its better to have it all condensed like this so that I can't feel anything during the process because its too much to comprehend.  In a single week Daniel found out that he won't be driving ever again.  His pay hasn't changed but his work sure has. Its all just crummy timing.  I won't go into detail on here about it specifically but you can ask us in person if you are curious.  The same day Daniel came home with this information Danagan hit the side of the tub and gashed his eye.  Even though there wasn't a whole lot of blood and he was clotting fine we decided anything on the face especially near the eyes needed to have as little of scarring as possible.  It was a heart wrenching experience for us but he was so brave and definitely cried less then Daniel and I.  He is a bit scared of the tub now but he has every right to be! I hope he really starts listening to us because of this!  A couple days later, THAT SAME WEEK, when i was driving home from visiting teaching my axel snapped off in the middle of a intersection.  Immediately I was grateful my whole family wasn't with me and I wasn't going very fast.  My mother in law says these things go in 3's so hopefully karma can lay off for a few weeks so we can breathe a little!  I am so incredibly grateful that all 3 of these events were not as bad as they could have been! Sorry in advance for the crummy phone pics.
Here is the wound about 10 min after it happened.  Notice how it is just boarder line on needing stitches

After Stitches

DIY Refried Beans

We were obviously in real need of some kind of comfort food after this week.  I found how to make your own refried beans HERE and wanted to give it a try!  It was super easy but I will hold off on the cumin next time :) If you are making 7 layer mexican dip like we were I would use 2 cans of pinto beans.  One can just didn't cover the 9 x9 pan well enough!  Below is our 7 layer dip and a individual party size which I also found on pintest.  I thought I would get a cute picture of Danagan smiling next to his individual size dip  but of course he had to try it first! :)

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