Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012- Egg Hunts and Family Dinner

We did our first community egg hunt and sadly will not be attending one of these crazy events again. Where do you guys like taking your kids and why? The "2 yr old and under" field were filled with crazed parents collecting eggs for their babies! Danagan only got a few eggs fighting all of the parents that were taking candy for themselves/babies. Sad! Danagan insisted on standing defiantly in the field before it was time as shown in the picture below. When I tried to redirect him it threw him into a awesome tantrum. It was fun seeing the other parents going through the same impossible task of explaining "waiting" to a 2 year old!

Family Dinner
We hosted Easter dinner for Daniel's family this year! It was fun to see Daniel and his siblings talking late into the night about all sorts of intresting topics. We made a new dessert we haven't ever tried before called Flan Cake. The first time we made it on Saturday it was a total fail but, we were able to have it work out the second time. Stay tuned for this Fridays Scissor and Cream Post for the My favorite part of the family gathering was cuddling with our baby nephew Oliver though for sure :) He is such a awesome baby and Danagan is so cute helping him. We feel so blessed to have family so close during the holidays.

After the egg hunt Saturday Danagan decided he would try to collect all of his eggs from his play kitchen in his easter basket. :)

Here is a picture Daniel took at the hospital when our NEPHEW Oliver was born. Precious lil' guy!

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