Friday, March 2, 2012

Fridays Scissors and Cream (Chalkboard Announcement Prop, new diet plan & Pepper Painting)

For those who are new to our blog I have taken on the challenge to broaden my domestic goddess talents. I will be posting "first attempts" to crafts and recipes each week for your entertainment success or total failure! I call these my Friday's scissor and cream posts.

Here is some chalkboard plaques I did for photography props a couple months ago. It turned out perfect for what we wanted to use them for! I painted them silver and then added the chalk paint to the center of them. Easy Peesy! Here is our adorable friends. Brandi is due at the end of April and we can't wait to see her precious little girl!

We are super excited for Danagan's birthday coming up here on march 5th. Although, I realized that means I will be in pictures. bleh. Daniel and I decided to start a new program to get ready for those dreaded pictures and warmer weather hopefully coming our way. Instead of posting a guilty pleasure recipe for the "cream" part of the post, here is our new diet and work out routine. Really Daniel has only been able to do the dinners and running at night with me but I am loving the support this time around. :)

I had a lot of success losing weight this summer with a no/low carb & no sugar diet but, the holidays and this silly blog has gotten the best of me again. I have been implementing the same rules for this diet. The biggest thing I learned last time that there is SOO much sugar in sodas and juice. Therefore only lowfat milk and water for me.

Here are some of our meal choices:

Breakfast: 3 egg whites with spinach OR Flax seed oatmeal OR Healthy cereal & 1c skim/1% milk
(we are working towards ft free but, I just can't do it yet!)

Snack: Ft Free yogurt OR 1 pc of fruit OR Kellogs protein drink (so yummy)

Lunch: Salad OR whole wheat torilla with ft free beans and ft free sour cream OR low fat can of soup OR smart ones frozen dinner OR 2 salmon burgers OR a veggie omelet.

Snack: 1 pc of fruit OR 1 c of veggies with ft free ranch OR breakfast protein drink OR 1 yogurt

Dinner: We have been really bad at this so, I have been doing well so far with limiting my portions to 1/2 plate of the combination of dinner food. If I am having a really disaplined day we usually will have something that is under the lumch options

Altogether totally around 1000-1200 calories. SCORE!

Work out consists of

45 min excersise machine 4-5x a week
2 mi run 3-4x a week as a family (Hopefully we can work towards a race this summer!)
200 sit up variations 6x a week
intense arm work out 2x a week
60min Hot Yoga Vinyassa Flow 1-2x a week

What are your diet tricks?

Bell Pepper Painting
Its March so that means time to switch gears to St Patty's Day! YAY! Here is a fun project I had the girls do that I nanny for. I found the idea of course on Pintrest. Excited to try out painting with other foods beside bell peppers for fun.

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