Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Danagan is 2 with a OWL Party

Owl Birthday for Dano
Here are our resources we used for his party stuff!
2 Ballons from Amazon. Owl Ballon #1 AND Owl Balloon #2
Printable Papers-Trail Mix tags, cupcake toppers, popcorn holders ect. Find them HERE
Iron On Personalized Owl Patch from HERE

Daniel's little sister Rachel is ONLY in 9th grade and does amazing birthday cakes for us all the time! We are SO lucky to have her in the family! This even turned out better then the ones we got online to collaborate ideas!

Don't they look like they are ready to rock this party?

Since we are using Danagan as a guinea pig all the time for our photography business we have to get a little creative when we need a smile! For the pictures above we had him show us what a kitty says :) We tried desperately throughout the party to get one good shot of all of us as a family and failed. Here are the only two good ones we got of our little family separately. Apparently he loves his daddy a bit more. lol

Can't have a party with out a great big BIRTHDAY KISS!

One of Dangan's presents from Aidan was a home sewn car track! It has a ton of individual pockets to store the cars and then wrap it all up to take on the go. Super fun! So far we have toted this around with us twice all ready this week. Such a awesome gift. We feel so blessed to have such talented family around us.

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Anonymous said...

We reeeealy appreciate your keeping the great grand parents involved with growing up phases of their lives. We often talk about H ow talent our children and their Families exhibit.