Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday's Scissors and Cream! (Adorable Hungry Caterpillar Prop, Chicken w/Red Curry Peanut Sauce and Lemon Crinkle Cookies)

For those who are new to our blog I have taken on the challenge to broaden my domestic goddess talents. I will be posting "first attempts" to crafts and recipes each week for your entertainment success or total failure! I call these my Friday's scissor and cream posts.

We are pretty obsessed with the hungry hungry catipiller book by Eric Carl here at this house! If I had it my way I would have done that for Danagan's birthday theme this year but, I knew since all he talks about is OWLS that it was just not meant to be this year.

SO..I totally butchered the hat on this prop but used it anyways. The papus part I am pretty excited about but I am still working on redoing the hat. I saw these props from $45- $100 HERE and thought immidiately I can totally make that or at least try to!

Here is our adorable nephew

If you like Chicken satay skewers you are going to fall in love with this recipe! HERE it is! Super easy to do too! The sauce was enough for 6 chicken breasts though so, we have a lot left over. I would suggest cutting the sauce recipe in half when you make it if you don't have a big family yet. :)

I totally screwed these up by not making the crinkle part :( Maybe I will feel up to reading directions next time. They turned out to be super nummy though! HERE is the real recipe.

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