Friday, February 10, 2012

Scissors & Cream- V-day Style!

Heart Matching Game

Since one of the girls I nanny is 5 years old we have been working one on one with some letter and phonics on the days her sister is in preschool. SO much fun. I seriously love these girls! Pretty sure they are one of my favorite families I have worked for the last seven years. I made this game super fast and decided the hearts up in 2 bags so that she only had 12 set of hearts to deal with. I got the idea from HERE

Apple Hearts

If you don't have a set of different sized hearts you should splerge and get some! Anything you cut into a heart shapes seems to turn out to be the cutest thing ever and you didn't have to slave over it for hours. Super easy! You can also make these apples slices into sandwishes by putting jam, peanut butter or cream cheese in between two slices. HERE is where the original idea came from.

See the cute heart made by putting your hands together? Too Cute! The girls had a blast finger painting while Danagan was sleeping :)

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