Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Craziest 3 days of our Lives!

It seems completely silly and meaningless to even be blogging anything right now but sometimes venting is the first step to recovery. I will be doing a scissors and cream this week, but wanted to give you a little glimpse of this last week's unbelievable events back to back. This last week has already had life changing effect on both Daniel and I as a couple and separately as individuals. I know with out a doubt that the last 3 months will be marked down as just one of the hardest periods of our marriage/life.

Event #1: On Sunday many of you know of the Powell/Cox tragedy and if you don't you can look it up yourself. It would be way to hard to go into details on here. The Cox's are in my family's ward in Puyallup and I grew up with Marie and Susan. I went to high school and church camp with both of them and talked about boys and everything our silly teenage brains deemed important. It was heart wrenching to hear the news 2 years ago about Susans disappearance and those that knew the Cox family and Susan knew deep underneath that something was up with Josh Powell in SO many different ways. We were all very excited to hear the final verdict of the custody of the children early this fall that gave them a safe haven in the Cox's home. I think it gave a piece of mind that "those boys were at least safe" to many of us that were still trying to heal from the disappearance. I can't really write anymore of this since I am in tears yet again. I don't even have the words or understanding of what the whole Cox family is going through at this time. I have been in and out of tears everyday this week thinking of what kind of human it takes to violently murder your own children. I think it makes it 10 times harder when you have your own child that you would die FOR, not the other way around. I know how much Susan loved her boys and wanted the sincere best for them. About 4 months before her disappearance she had contacted me trying to convince me about "hypnobirthing" which she had done with both of her boys. She was excited for us and so upbeat about talking about motherhood with me. She will truly be missed by many but I am excited to give her a huge hug and finish our motherhood talk in the life hereafter.

Event #2 My parents were one of the firsts to find out about the children from their bishop coming into sunday school and telling everyone to 'go home there has been a tragedy'. We found out the news only 1 hr after the event happened and the home was still ablaze. As we were backing out of our drive way a truck was driving in the opposite direction from us on the parallel street from our house. We were naturally looking in his direction to see if he was turning down our street so we didn't hit him. All of the sudden his car burst into flames. 3-4 foot flames literally were whipping out from under the engine, hood and behind the tires. I instantly thought the man was going to come out running around with flames on his back. He put on his brake and rolled himself and dog out of the truck unharmed. Daniel got our hose and fire extinguisher from our garage and started at the fire. I talked to the dispatcher for 911 and like all of our other experiences she was incompetent and I had to state my address FOUR times. Most of the fire was contained by the time the firefighters finally showed up which made Daniel proud but still pretty frustrated with them. We are SO frustrated beyond words about inefficiency of the so-called public servants in general currently. I know there is a lot of controverisal ranting about the government by Daniel which most of the time I DO NOT agree with, but I unfortunately have seen first hand of the inefficiency of the police in our own crises. If you want an example look up the 911 call between the social worker and the dispatcher in the Powell case. It was a whole 10 min before the call was even deemed important! I know that even if they were able to respond quicker Josh would still be alive and most likely hurt someone eventually before he would be arrested for Susan's murder.

Event #4 On Monday our only car broke down and we luckily found a mechanic that fixed everything. He fixed it in only 1 day, so it wasn't a huge set back with juggling transportation. Just a unexpected set back finacially.

Event #5 A couple of months ago Daniel's boss' 18 year-old son passed away from unknown causes in his sleep. It was super hard for everyone to try to move on from this at his work, especially Daniel. He knew most of the guys and occasionally went on runs or worked in the warehouse with them. Since I was a bit removed from the situation I was able to give Daniel the support he needed to start the healing process. Daniel came home Wednesday and me still being a bit melancholy about the Cox situation he informed me one of his friends he works with got shot the night before. Not quite sure how we will be healing from this one together since we will be individually healing from these separate events. I am extremely grateful for the knowledge of our church and the healing that comes from the atonement. Please keep these two families of these victims in your prayers they can feel their support and help through this horrendous healing process. If you did the math you will see all of these things happened only from Sunday-Wednesday.

So...its seems really meaningless to even post a Scissors and Cream this week but, I will anyways and give Dangan extra bear hugs while we piece things back together! The one thing we have already learned this week is that we need to really evaluate the events of our daily lives and question whether or not they are with purpose of becoming more like Jesus and touching those around us. Our prayers will continue to be with those friends and family of the victims of these terrible murders as we find comfort through our Saviors Atonement.

HERE is a link to my amazing sisters blog she began when she was called into young womens. They took a trip to the mortuary and talked about what dying is all about. She is such a strength in my life. If you are having a hard time with some of these similar things take some time and read this entry. She is be a author of a amzing LDS book in the near future!


Kristen said...

Thoughts and prayers for you and Daniel, too. I hope things finally start to look up and thanks for sharing your testimony.

Darren and Brandi said...

Sorry things are so crazy right now Laura. We'll be praying for you all. Thanks for the post and let me know if there is anything we can do for you guys.