Friday, December 23, 2011

Scissors and Cream (Matching Xmas Pjs, 3 Appetizer puffs with DIY roasted garlic and frosted x-mas tress)

For those who are new to our blog I have taken on the challenge to broaden my domestic goddess talents. I will be posting "first attempts" to crafts and recipes each week for your entertainment success or total failure! I call these my Friday's scissor and cream posts. Enjoy...

We are now entering all the fun holidays in just a couple days that involve parties in which you feel obligated to gorge yourself of various yummy food. I LOVE this time of year! A bunch of my friends did a contest amongst ourselves this summer to lose wight biggest loser style. I lost enough weight to make myself proud and content with my renounced glutenous eating goals for this holiday season. That same group decided to do round 2 this before Thanksgiving. When asked if I would join again I said "Heck NO, its eating season!" So- Bring on the eating!!!

As most of you know Daniel is the oldest of 7 in his family, which naturally means BIG family events. Since all of them are local even simple weekly family dinners easily turn into a huge party. Therefore, you better have some appetizers on hand! Here are 4 easy scrumptious savory appetizer puffs that we have tried out and seen their magic first hand. I like each one of these delicious puffs because they are able to be eaten at any temperature on the tray. Of coarse they are more yummy hot but they are also fine when they cool off.

Please take the time and go to the blog with THIS recipe. Her finished product looks a trillion times better then mine and mimics how it tastes in your mouth. Ours turned out to be delicious despite how they look! We used a cast iron pan and I think we had the oil turned up too high as well. :/

The recipe above called for a roasted garlic. I was excited to try this! We cut the top off the whole bulb, wrapped it up with tin foil so it had a twisted stem at the top and then cooked it for 40 min at 400 degrees. If you don't believe me you can follow the specific directions HERE

These rolls were fun to make. The tapioca flour really makes or breaks them so keep that in mind! I used a muffin tin to make them a little more uniform. HERE is the recipe

Yes, I DID make us cheezy matching pajamas. Daniel wanted no part of these shananagans so I dragged Danagan with me! lol
I scored a full King Size "never used or opened" flannel sheets at a garage sale for 4 bucks this fall. I thought immediately that they would be awesome pajamas. I have been trying to look at already made items as just fabric now that I know how expensive fabric can be! Another bargain I found this summer was 1 curtain panel made out of silk for 50 CENTS! I have been making adorable baby hair flowers out of these. SCORE! HERE is the tutorial i followed for my pj bottoms. I ended up making his WAAY too tight on the waist and mine looked like you should add a hula hoop around my waist and throw me in the circus. AND they looked like crazy wanna-be bell bottoms because I thought it would be smart to use the sheet "already made" marron edge. But atleast I tried! lol

This activity was way more fun then the finished product looks. We turned over a sugar cone. frosted them with a powder sugar, flour, milk and food coloring mixture. Then added what ever we wanted! I found this idea on Pintrest from a blog HERE.

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