Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011 & Danagan Funny Present Videos

We know we are SO blessed to have both of our families live so close to us for the holidays. We did our Koenig family holiday tradition of riding the downtown Seattle monorail to the holiday carousal and Sheraton hotel gingerbread houses earlier last week. Then we spent Christmas morning and lunch with Daniels family and the rest of the afternoon through Tuesday with my family. Danagan got spoiled rotten to say the least at each of his grandparents houses. Such a memorable Christmas. My sister Becca got engaged a couple of weeks ago and we were able to do her engagement portraits for her during our break in Puyallup. Guessing by how much “snort-laughing “was going on we can safely say we all had a blast. J Can’t wait for her wedding this March!

Teaser from Becca & Ian's engagement session

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Church Christmas Party

Here is the whole Koenig Family. I was totally floored that the boys stayed perfectly still the whole time!

Santa scared the bee-jeez out of poor Dangan Christams eve-eve when he belted through the door without knocking. His uncle Jeremy and aunt Rachel came to our house all dressed up and we got to snap a couple of FREE santa pictues! Daniel spent his vacation organizing and personally replacing a roof of a Snohomish family that were very much in need. He presented the families hardships to his company and they decided to do a present tree for them. We got a lot of gift cards from the employees instead of presents. We decided it would be fun for the family to actually have presents to unwrap since we DID have a specific wish list for each one of them. We made it a date and shopped on Christmas Eve together as a family. It was fun spending money that wasn’t really ours. lol (on a separate note I am flabbergasted by how expensive American Dolls are! ). On Christmas day we got to surprise the family with all of the gifts and of course there were lots of crying. :) We plan on doing some kind of fun service oriented thing like this as a family every year. We also want to start a Christmas in July tradition of service, egg nog (frozen from christmas) and big dinner. We figure that all of the service organizations probably are in more need the other months of the year as well.

My mom got Cousin Nathan and Danagan a rocket ship that you can draw on and here is the video that shows how they feel about it!

Danagan’s Great Grandparents got cousin Aidan and Dangan a Hobby Horse for Christmas and they had so much fun sharing it! Here is a video of the excitement.

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