Friday, December 9, 2011

Scissors and Cream ( DIY gift bows, layered jello, and marshmallow snowman craft)

Apologies for skipping last weeks post!

So...December hit me like a hot waffle iron to the face. I was totally unprepared for all of the advent crafts and recipes I wanted to try. Didn't really think through that I needed to be done with Christmas decorations or crafts before the holiday started in order to enjoy them! So, don't be surprised when I am still posting Christmas stuff well into January.

I started a full time nanny job with Danagan and surprisingly I am totally underwater. I don't know how you amazing moms balance it all! For those who are in a similar boat of overwhelmyness I have found Three books to be incredibly useful. "I don't know how she does it" by Allison Pearson (Not to spoil it for you but she finds out she can't do it satisfying!) My good friend Katherine has raised her children and has cheered me up along this crazy road of motherhood. She gave me a book titled "The Mother Dance" By Harriet Learner . This has been awesome for a comforting read about balancing being a great mom, co worker, and wife. Lastly, Daniel and I have a all time favorite children raising philosophy book called "children the challenge" by Rudolf Dreikurs . We read it all the way through when we went on our Europe trip and we are starting it up again! Seriously a must read for anyone with toddler or a new family! It has mind blowing parenting ideas on oppositional children, setting rules, dealing with sibling rivalry and other great things that are in store for us as parents.

HERE is the tutorial I followed to make these super easy bows for all types of gift wrapping occasions. Hopefully this comes in handy over the holidays for you all! Crank up the Christmas music and start wrapping!

For Thanksgiving I tried to make a few pies for the first time. I know, I am almost 30 and I haven't even made 5 pies by myself yet...Hence this whole craft/recipe hiatus. I was initially making a strawberry/rhubarb lone and a mixed berry (raspberry/blackberry) one. Out of rushing and being stressed out I accidentally dumped in the blackberries into my strawberries. Daniel suggested I just go with it. So I did and it was pretty much the greatest mistake in my life! I thought strawberry rhubarb was my ultimate favorite dessert. Oh No, this new creation blows it out of the water. I used the recipe for both HERE. You can substitute any type of fruit to make the 5 cups the recipe calls for.

I thought I would finally try this recipe out for myself from HERE. I know most of you have made this but I had never had before. My friend Ellen posted this a while back on her facebook and has stuck with me ever since. mmmmm. It would be a great Christmas treat if you alternated green and red jellos!

This week the girls and I made these adorable marshmallow snowmen I found on Pintrest. I am having so much fun being with them. We got to paint nails today while Dano napped. Things I can't wait to do when I have girls of my own. HERE is the blog.

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