Friday, November 25, 2011

Fridays Scissors and Cream (Turkey Shirt, DIY Chalkboard and Strada-Breakfast Casserole)

After seeing this adorable shirt on pintrest HERE I wanted to make it ASAP. I ended up whipping it out late Tuesday night even though I only had 2 days before Thanksgiving. I got a 2T shirt so that next year he might be able to wear it more then 1 time in November. I cut all out the felt pieces by hand without a template and sewed them all on the shirt. Not much to it... Danagan would get SO excited when we would talk about the "turkey shirt." He would run around doing his chicken sound that is similar to saying "squash squash squash" over and over again. Adorable. :)

I made a DIY chalkboard out of a thrifted picture frame. I got the idea from HERE. I did end up painting on the glass knowing it may or may not break in the future. I love this because it can be used for all the holidays or special occasions depending on what you write on it.

I attended a baby shower at my friends home and she made this delectable breakfast casserole. Everyone raved about it so much she added it to her recipe blog HERE.

I couldn't decide if I really wanted to take a picture of this one knowing it would most likely affect your decision to make it or not. This casserole is totally worth trying! It is fool proof and easy. It blows the normal boring Mormon breakfast casserole out of the water. This actually tastes classy and filling. I used white wine vinegar for the wine and it was perfect. Sorry about the terrible pictures. Hope you can try it and love it like I have.

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