Friday, January 13, 2012

Fridays Scissors and Cream (Felt Food, Carmel Popcorn and Best Sloppy Joes Ever!)

Sorry I have missed the last few Fridays...I really have no excuse at all other then me being pretty burned out with FB and blogging. :/ I found some really cool Christmas crafts late in the season and I have been finishing up those for next year. Since most of you are SO done with the holidays I will save those holiday project pictures for some posts next year.

It seems like the theme that a lot of my friends Christmas' were based around play kitchens for their kids. Great minds think alike I guess! Although most of these friends made super cute homemade kitchens we took a short cut and bought one instead. I did get crafty though and made some felt food for Danagan to open on Christmas as well!

Here is the fun red vintage kitchen for Christmas this year. I could hardly contain myself...tee-he He pretty much never leaves the little kitchen they have at nursery in church every Sunday. So...we were pretty stoked. His face was priceless! We have a lot of Melissa and Doug wood food sets but I wanted to make some food of my own. HERE is a great site of random foods you can make for yourself. I didn't make any of them using a pattern. I just looked at the picture online and free-handed them. Alot of them look pretty rough but who cares; Danagan can't even talk yet and most of the real food he eats looks much worse then this. :) HERE and HERE are 2 really amazing website with tutorials on pretty much ANY felt food you have a desire to make! Next on the list is felt fortune cookies, waffles, sliced bananas/kiwis and another dessert of some kind.

DIY Felt Food

I went to a recipe swap this November/December and my friend Lori made this delicious popcorn and it didn't stick to my teeth! She said that the secret was to bake it! Unconvinced I had to try it myself. Voila, the secret WAS to bake it and stir it! I kind of combined a lot of recipes together to make as little of a mess as possible. So HERE is the original recipe and our adjusted recipe:

We made the regular bag popcorn 2-3 bags. Follow the directions in the recipe with the rest of the ingredients. Then cover the popcorn with the hot sauce in 2 9x13 casserole dishes. Then give the whole dish of popcorn a really good stiring every 20 minutes for 60 min @ 250 degrees. When removed from oven and slightly cooled but not hardened go at it like a cat on steroids. Claw at that puppy until all of the pieces no longer stick together! I think this will be a great gift for the holidays next year!

We have been trying to make our own sauces and powder spice mixes ourselves lately. For example; making our own sloppy joes from scratch or our own taco seasoning when grilling taco meat. We came across THIS recipe from good ol' Racheal Ray and we have added it to our monthly dinner rotation. It is seriously SO good and so easy. Perfect fast meal to help bounce back from the crazy holidays! Only modification we usually make is instead of tomato sauce and paste the recipe calls for we use 1 can tomato soup + 1 cup ketchup + 1/2 cup water.

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Sarah said...

I like the play food. I did a bunch of felt food awhile ago and got really burnt out on it, so we ended up buying a bunch of fake foods for Max's kitchen. But lately I've been thinking about making cookies or cupcakes...