Thursday, August 4, 2011


We recently took a week vacation in Oregon to visit my sister Sarah and her family. Danagan loved playing with his cousin Nathan that is the same age. We went camping for the 20th year at Camp Ft Stevens (which will have to be its own blog post because we took a zillion pictures), played on the beaches, toured the Tillamook Cheese Factory, won tons of prizes atWunderland Nickel Arcade, swam at Blue Lake Park, ate at one of the many McMenamins restaurants, rode the Portland Aerial Tram, saw a F4-U Corsair and a F-14 (the "Top Gun" jet) at the Tilamook blimp hanger-Air museum, hiked up to the Multnomah Falls, smelled the roses from the 1800's at Portlands Rose Garden and started out our camping trip at the Astoria Column. Here is our picture blog post...

I would ABSOLUTELY hate having a job where people just stared at me all day long as I worked. They get literally thousands of visitors daily-crazy.

SO... I am not much for gambling, but I only put in 2 nickels and won the jackpot at Wunderland Nickel Arcade! It was either that or the machine broke. It is still unclear but lucky either way. Six Hundred and Eighty tickets! That is a lot of fruity tootsie rolls, let me tell you!!!!

The boys had a blast driving around with the games.

McMenamins pubs are all over Oregon. They are known for their quirky decor and great entertainment. They frequently have local artists playing or a movie showing on the big screen. This particular one made its own wine and cider. We shared a pricey cider and it was totally worth it! YUM! Its amazing how many kid-friendly pubs there are in Oregon. We went to another pub the day before and they had a whole section for the kiddos. It had toys, books and even a train table! So much for thinking Red Robin was an amazing place with those who have crazy families. :)

Blue Lake spray park was also a ton of fun. Luckily, we took Dano to a local spray park down the street from us before we went on this vacation to get him use to the ideal of water spraying into your nose and swim trunks. After much coercing he finally warmed up to the crazy water and kids in his face.

This is a very special picture for our family. It is Danagan's first public tantrum. He didn't want to hold our hands across the street so he CAREFULLY threw his body down and laid there sobbing. Daniel and I were caught off guard at first, but then we realized it was a tantrum. We looked at each other and hurried and got the camera out (might as well be productive and record it for black mail later if he wants to lay there).
Portland has this aerial tram that is a commuter for most of the hospital employees. It goes up this huge hill and you can see all the mountains and miles of Portland around you. At the top you can go into the hospital and look off the glass balcony.

Tilamook Air Museum
Daniel's dream come true - Danagan flying in a spaceship with him.

I am serious now- "I WANT OUT"

Rose Garden


The Astoria Column started our adventure camping at Ft. Stevens. It is always great to carry our fish and chips from The Bowpicker up and watch all of the paper airplanes fly around from the top. Stay tuned for our camping post that will be up shortly!

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