Friday, July 29, 2011

Bucket list for Scissors and Cream Fridays

For my own selfish reasons this will be a organization post of all of the crafts or recipes I will be sharing on here in the next few months. I had the tutorials saved in so many places I didn't know how to find them when I wanted to make a new project and that can make anyone's head start spinning! Obviously this is a on going list but I thought I should start getting organized before it gets too out of hand :)


Christmas calendar blocks and casing

(g starred)

knoted headband, simple elastic/scarf headband, (thanks to cami)

Tin can treat presents

pie in a jar presents

huge monkey knot door stop -knock off one of pottery barns

heart map frame

framed nativity silhouette (Thanks to Cami)

Halloween picture blocks

wood puzzle blocks

ruffled apron- knock off of World Market ones

ruffled jersey pillow cover

felt flower earrings

pie in a jar single serving gifts

metallic star fish/shells

owl stuffed animal

animal tag softie

braided knotted headband

flower magnets

paper bag stars

monogrammed cups with hot cocoa

DIY occasion cards (including scratch off cards)

Homemade finger paint

raglan tee

wood/metal fake letter “D”

pic nic blanket

Internet Bookmarks

clothes pin wreath for cards

Yoyo flowers

felt dahlia broach

ric rack flower broach

croquet simple flower

ric rack flower with a twist

pinwheels of all sizes

chalkboard globe

recycled love picture

felt flowers- crafts

stringy jersey flower- stringy flower

baby blocks

pointy gift bows- gift bows

smooth gift bows

bath bomb cupcakes- cupcake

scrabble tile pendents

chalkboard pots

cake pops

orzo salad

organza flower


internet bookmarks

ice cream watermelon pie- ice cream

Neapolitan cake


chicken/basil sun dried tomato pizza with homemade dough

rosemary rustic bread

cheese bread for dipping

liz's ginger snaps and curry

(g starred)

flowers made of jello

cupcake with injected yummy filling

mini Oreo pops

strawberry limeade

homemade chicken broth cubes

Brazilian cheese rolls

berry cobbler

bacon wrapped meatloaf

tortellini spinach bake in lm cream sauce

Mississippi mud brownies

bacon jam


Life of Pi

Jane Eyre by charlotte Bronte

The Hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet by Jamie Ford

Atlas Shrugged

Bossy Pants by Tina Fey


Kayleen said...

I think all of that can be put on pinterest. plus it's pictures instead of words, prettier. :)

Daniel said...

But, that would literally leave no time to actually DO the projects! I did get a account and will probably be using it in the future for other things. Thanks for the info. It looks like a ton of fun :)