Monday, August 22, 2011

New Hair Cut for Dano

Recently, we (I) decided it was time to start thinking about a professional haircut for Danagan. He will be 18 months old in a couple of weeks and we wanted it to grow out enough for his pictures. He was born with a little over 2 ½ in of hair and it didn't fall out like everyone had told us it would. I had already done hack jobs on it 4 times before this summer just to maintain any type of non-mullet shape. After 4 haircuts from me, his hair was safe-to-say a bit uneven :). It took a lot of emotional prepping on my part to be ok with losing his surfer do, but I think it is great to have it look even. By next summer hopefully we will have our lovely emo bangs again. I thought I would write a disclaimer before you look at our pictures of this adventure. Danagan is such a character. He only has two extreme emotions/expressions. Super/crazy/hyper and “you must be dumber than a rock for looking at me” expression. Unfortunately (for the sake of pictures), we got the super passive Danagan. It was helpful of him to decided to be the passive type of Danagan since he would have scissors pointed at his head. Despite what he looks like in the pictures he had a blast. The lady was SO fast and great with him and we would highly recommend Kids Kuts in Everett to anyone. For older kids they have crazy smelling shampoo that I was tempted to buy! (rootbeer, chocolate, pie, coconut etc.) Enjoy the picture tour!


Snip Snip

All done! Time to check out this car more thoroughly!
All ready for his accounting career

I had to include one happy picture at least!


Sarah D said...

You actually went to that cute place! Glad they did such a good job for you guys; Danagan was looking pretty ridiculously cute when we saw them.

Sarah D said...