Friday, August 26, 2011

Scissors and Cream (cards and cheesecake)

We recently had our annual sisters/brothers weekend. Its the one weekend a year where all of the boys in Daniels family goes camping and does all the manly things they want to do and not tell us about. This weekend naturally leaves all us girls alone in our boring houses. SOO, we get to have a sisters weekend that usually involves alot of crafting, shopping and eating. :)

Daniel's 14 year old sister Rachel made her first peanut butter cheesecake for us while we made some adorable cards. Here is the closest recipe to the one she used. (I apologize for the bad picture)

I am trying to learn to do more cute thing using the cricut machine. I never have manly cards! Sadly, the men in my life get questionably girly cards or no cards at all for celebrations. So, here are my cards that I came up with thanks to sisters weekend!


Devanie said...

Looks like FUN and you're doing a great job becoming a domestic diva! At times like this, I wish I could reach through my computer screen and grab a bite of what's on the other end!

jamie said...

i love those vintage car ones. you're so good to channel your inner domestic goddess!