Friday, June 24, 2011

New! Friday Scissors and Cream (quiches, cake pops, and pillows)

SO...I have found myself completely overwhelmed in my new ward of super crafty and amazing women that seem to "have it all together". I would like to try to become a little more well rounded in the crafts and cooking department. Although, I can make pretty much anything in a crock pot and make my own special occasion cards, I would like to do something more consistently inspiring. Since we got our new smart phones at the beginning of this year I have been following some pretty awesome inspiring blogs on DIY crafts/decor and meals. Hopefully I can inspire some of you with these weekly posts of what I have tried out for the first time. Keep in mind these projects are the VERY first time I have done then but, for your entertainment I will promise to post pictures despite my success or total failure! I will be referring to these posts as my "Friday Scissors & Cream" :)

DISCLAIMER: I can't promise how ''weekly" these posts will be because of our internet situation but, I will try my best!

In the kitchen: Mini quiches! (Currently I am doing "the biggest loser" with some friends and I am proud to say this week I am on the top so, until June 30th you will be getting reciepes I have tried in the past month)

Spring Chick Cake Pops: Here are the two tutorials I combined for the recipes

I will not be using chocolate bark next time I make these! Go all out and get the wilton chips :)

Pillow Slip Covers and Bean Bags

I bought these adorable flower pillows at Ikea and have begun to realize that they are a bit TOO summery for the fall/winter months. I got this striped fabric at a church garage sale swap for free and decided to finally put it to good use! I made slip cover pillow cases and a few bean bags to thank Danagan for the lack of attention I gave him during this project :) I didn't use a blog or pattern for the pillows but here is the closest thing to how I made them.

Happy Crafting and Cooking!


Sarah D said...

Way to go Laura! Very crafty. The chicks are a bit too ambitious for me right now, but I'll have to try the mini bacon quiches;^D Looking forward to more to come!

Sarah D said...

Way to go Laura! Miss Crafty now--love it. The chicks are too ambitious for my cooking abilities, but I'll have to try the mini quiches;^D Keep the Scissors and Cream coming!