Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's day Olympic Air show

This Fathers' day we went with an aviation theme for the special occasion. We went down with my family to Olympia, Wa to the museum of flight for an airshow. We saw really old and awesome planes. The boys had a blast playing in puddles and pretending to be pilots in the cockpits of planes and helicopters. It was also a blast to see family and watch the acrobatic plane show! They even flattened a car by dropping it from hundreds of feet in the air with the assistance of a helicopter. (I think this is very ironic that we did not get a single picture of Daniel. He was loving being behind the camera!) Danagan and I got Daniel his first flying lesson to start his journey of getting his personal pilots license.

Now that you know I have a cute little white stomach, I shall dance for you

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