Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Adventures Begin!!

We started our summer off with a quick little weekend trip to Lopez Island in the San Juans. It couldn't have been a more beautiful weekend. We stayed in a hotel above a bakery and every morning we indulged in pastries that put grandma's to shame. Danagan got to ride his first ferry and as a family we watched blown glass shells be created right before our eyes. At the market we stumbled upon a lady that makes homemade jam and we bought some blueberry lime jam; it was so good I will be asking her to send me a box to last us throughout the year! Lopez was gorgeous with its farms everywhere and little private deserted beaches that we played for hours on end. On our last day we found a farm that sold their own fruits, vegetables, and meats by the honor system. All of their crops are plowed by horses too! No machinery is used. We loaded up on their grass fed beef and lamb, paid the cash box and floated back on the ferry home.

We woke him up so he wouldn't miss out on his first ferry ride!

Obviously recovered and is a happy clam again

We tested out our new backpack and was excited to use it since last summer he was too small

We had our first concerning injury of Danagans life. He got a little carried away in our hotel room the day we were leaving. He tripped on his own foot which made him fall face first with all of his weight into the door frame. You can see the door frame imprinted across his face here. Luckily it didn't amount to much more then bruising.

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