Friday, March 5, 2010

We are now THREE!

On March 5th, 2010 we had our first little boy named Danagan Bristol Koenig. We had a c-section due to the baby being breech. It was a very emotional time for us since we were not able to be at our desired birth center. We are counting our blessings though, since we had a wonderful doctor at Valley General Hospital in Monroe and we have a healthy baby!
We arrived at the hospital early Friday morning, met our nurse Debbie, and went over the procedure and birth plan in detail with her. She would be our voice in the operating room. I went in by myself for a spinal block, which they had to do twice because it hurt so bad I didn't arch my back high enough the first time due to the pain. The blue sheet went up, and Daniel was brought in. The anesthesiologist stated the starting time of 9:40 am and everyone went into action. Daniel was brought in after they made the incision. Danagan came to us shortly after at 10:08am.

We loved our hospital because they were more willing to let us break some of the routines and rules to accommodate the last decisions we had control over in our birth plan. Daniel was able to put our little one to his bare chest as soon as it got a good APGAR score twice in 5 minutes. The doctor held off for a few minutes at least to cut the umbilical cord so that Danagan could get all of the placental blood, even though the doctor warned that he might get "too much blood." They were both able to both stay with me instead of leaving while the surgeons finished with me. We were also able to have some family in our room right when i was wheeled back from the birth. We delayed the first bath and had it the day after with the nurse helping.

I had some pretty horrific nerve sensitivity/damage to deal with for this last week of healing. We didn't plan for that type of intensive recovery, but adapted very well. Daniel is the most amazing father. Literally. He has changed every single diaper and helped me walk around and do little functioning things like getting back into bed or sitting down to nurse. I couldn't have asked him to be more patient or more supportive with his encouraging words through the trials of breathing through painful moments and breastfeeding difficulties.

We know every parent thinks their child is the most beautiful and the most perfect but, we really DO have the perfect little baby :) We love him so much! He never cries unless he is way over due for feeding or unless he's soiled his garmies. He too has been patient with us while I am trying to rest and heal quickly.

Here are some first moment pictures!!! ENJOY
Literally ready to pop

first picture with mommy!

Acidic drink to balance out my stomach before surgery. Tasted like condensed sour patch kids
Some Kangaroo time right within the first hour of being born
Grandpa Royse is now a GREAT grnadpa!
YAY...Cousin Aidan meets Danagan!
Before surgery pictures of my horrid rash (PUPPS)
First family picture out of surgery
The happy Daddy


Devanie said...

I don't know how I missed this post! Thanks for sharing your experience- I'm SOOOOO glad the hospital accomodated as many of your desires as they did- way to go! I couldn't be more thrilled for you guys!

Stacy said...

I'm glad it turned out well for you, and that Danagan shares my birthday!