Friday, February 26, 2010

BABY TIME...finally

So, We are waiting eagerly for our little one to arrive asap. The bird themed Nursery is done thanks to a surprise shower gift from the in laws of my dream tree mural! At 35 weeks my blood pressure went up pretty high and I was tested for preeclampsia. Luckily it was negative and I was put on modified bed rest of 6 hours on the couch a day to decrease my stress. Another scare we had was at 36 weeks the baby still hadn't moved OUT of a breech position and was losing room each week. We did everything in the book; reasoning with it by verbally encouraging it to flip on its own, shining lights on the lower stomach, acupuncture, swimming upside down, laying on an ironing board with my butt in the air, kneeling down with my body stretched out in front like I was praying and facing Mecca, just everything! Eventually this last week (38 1/2) we have had to schedule a c-section with the hospital for next week. :(. Its quite sad to us with all of the researching and birth classes it has come down to a planned c-section. We feel like we wasted all that time. We still have hope it will turn before the scheduled date. So we will keep you posted!

We are sad to give up the birth center, but eager to find out if it is a boy or girl! In January we finished up our Bradley Method birthing classes with our birth center. It was nice to establish a even greater family-like bond with the birth center and staff since the instructor was one of the midwives' daughter! I got crazy, hives (it's called PUPP, PUPPP, PUPPS, PUPPPS, PUPPs, or PUPPPs depending on who you ask) this last week all over my body including in between myfingers and on the palms of my feet and hands. It is UNBEARABLY itchy. We have tried everything to relieve this too: aloe, Calamine lotion, olive oil, Benadryl, and prescription cortisone. They say the only cure is to have the baby. So at least we know it will be over soon!!!


The Kerr Klan said...

Love the tree mural. Its beautiful. Sorry about the C-section thing. Thats what happened with my first and it was a HUGE bummer to end up with a planned c-section. Good luck with everything. I'm sure you have a ton of people to talk to but let me know if you have any questions about the c-section/recovery etc.

Sarahburst said...

I love the mural!!!!I always wanted to do something like that after seeing Alex's room that Susie did...someday when we own the house...sigh...:^D

kaitlyn said...

you didn't waste that time. you know things that are important for your body and your baby. i am guessing this won't be your only child and you can always do a VBAC. plus, it brought you closer together in your marriage and as a team. i know this. your baby will be healthy and happy and that is the most important thing. i am sorry for your disappointment. a lot of it will disappear when you get to hold that beautiful baby of yours! lots of love!