Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Can't believe how many great things happened with our little one in JUST a WEEK! Here is just a few things we wanted to share... We are having SO much fun getting to know our little guy. His new nicknames we have for him is sonny, guy, buddy and little dude. It has been hard for Daniel to go back to work because every time he comes home his face has changed just a little :(. We are desperately trying to save and enjoy every moment!Smiles SO much while he sleeps and we like to tell ourselves its not just gas!
Singing time with mommy
LOVES taking Baths. We now like to do this as much as possible since his cord fell off. Its such a fun event every time

He refuses to sleep unless in someones arms. SO, we have successfully tricked him by keeping pressure on him in the sectional cushions. HAHA. We will see how long this will last.
Much needed naps for the both of us

Can't get enough of his cute little feet!
Oh the blood shot eyes due to the new newborn schedule
Daniel's new way of calming him down before I nurse him


Devanie said...

He is WAY cute! I love that you "trick" him with the cushions- was that Daniel's idea? It sounds like it would be! Keep feeling better Laura! xo

Stacy said...

that cushion trick is awesome!