Friday, February 12, 2010

Playing Catch up Nov.-Jan.

This last Thanksgiving Laura got terminated from her nanny position due to her pregnancy and their "gut" feelings. We are not sure still what they mean by their "gut" feelings but we now know that we should have decided not to tell them and have her wear more hooded sweatshirts this last fall :). The mom unfortunately had a disease that put her on bedrest at 25 weeks with her twins and she couldn't help but let that get in the way with this horrible decision made just in time for the holidays. Laura is pretty emotionally hurt but, is finding lots to do for our own baby to come around the house. She will be trying to keep herself busy by subbing as much as she can, being a great photography manager for me, and working at a part time holiday job which is still to be determined.

We are LOVING our house! We still can't believe how things happened and pieced together. We had so much fun hosting our own Thanksgiving dinner at our OWN house this year! Daniel's dad is still courageously serving in the Navy overseas so, he was greatly missed. Luckily, his anniversary present of himself on canvas for Cheryl came so, he was able to join us in theory. Daniel threw in a couple of bad jokes during dinner and every now and then did a deep Jon chuckle to help us not miss him so much. We are thankful for his service and his ultimate love for what the founding fathers gave their whole heart and souls for in this country. It is people like him who are fighting for our freedom and are those who love our country the most in this world.
We also became a Aunt and Uncle twice in one week this January. Sarah and Matt Dana had there little one two days before their due date at a water birth center in Portland. His name is Nathaniel William Dana. Cody and David Koenig had their baby 7 weeks early after Cody's water broke and she went unexpectedly into labor. He fortuneately was born a healthy wieght of 5lbs and got to come home well before his original due date. his name is Aidan Micheal. They both are doing well and adjusting to life as new parents! We are really excited for them and can't wait for all the cousins to play together!

Nathaniel William Dana: Born 1/11/2010

Aidan Micheal Born: 1/5/2010