Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sisters & Brothers Weekend

This last weekend Daniel and I had a eventful time with family with our brothers and sisters weekends!

Daniel has 3 younger brother and 3 younger sisters. The boys had a "MAN WEEKEND" by going up a crazy hike to Mt. Pilchuck via Iodine Gulch, and camped for 2 nights by lake 22 at the bath tub lakes. Of course they had death defying experiences and tried to see who came home with the most bites, scrapes and bruises. I think daniel won with a whopper bruise on his thigh. If you have the stomach for it then take a look at the picture down below!

The girls had their own weekend with a little more laid back pampering. Since I am a Koenig now, I have even more sisters! Bekky(21), Cody (my sister in law), Rachel (12), Kt (14). We took a beautiful walk around Greenlake with ice cream to follow on the first day. Then we had a move night of pizza, facials and pedicures! We finished it all off with some yummy Thai food at Tasty Thai in Lynnwood. I had my favorite- Massaman Curry! I think the weekends were a blast for both Daniel and I! Can't wait til next year...

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Pierce said...

Laura, We are so happy we found your blog. I stumbled on it while looking at Erins. We were impressed with all cool places you have been going to. Heather, the boys, and I are really loving Japan. Take care we miss everybody. The Pierce's