Friday, July 17, 2009

I know this is a bit late, but it has been really crazy ever since we got home from our Europe Trip. We are in the process again of purchasing our own place and those who have done that before knows how time consuming it can be! Plus it took forever to get the pictures that were on someone elses camera :)

4th of July

We took a little mini vacation to good ol' Leavenworth to see Cody's (sister in law) grandparents. It was SO much fun. We paraded around the downtown strip, bought some amazing lemongrass salami, played miniture golf, taught me-ma and pa-pa how to play golf with face cards, and then watched the "in our face" firework show in Wenatchee.

We realized we are totally addicted to traveling now and are worried for our future budget! HAHA Daniel bought me my own GPS for my birthday June 21st. We got to test it out on our drive...I know most of you already have one and have had it for a while, but I LOVE mine. I especially love it for the traffic feature when I am comuting to Bellevue everyday.

Fireworks in Wenatchee

I knew our REI pads were good for something! :)

Mini golf while we waited from the sun to set. Look at Daniels concentration- priceless!

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