Friday, August 14, 2009

Grandpa Visit!

So, My Grandpa Royse turned 75 this last weekend! We drove down to see him in Rathdrum, Idaho, which is close to Spokane and Coeur D'Alene. Like any old person he doesn't eat the best, just frozen dinners and Arby's. :)
We decided to load up his fridge with some homemade delicious meals he could pop in the microwave just like his other dinners. This was fun for me and Daniel. It was some good quality cooking time for hours and hours. We made 15 grilled chicken dinners and 20 roast beef dinners with potatoes. Grandpa was recently got hospitalized for a couple months and his only comment was "they made me eat fruit and veggies in there, who eats that garbage!" HAHA Gotta love him!

We visited my aunt Linda in her nursing home and gave her a present of a hannah montana blanket. She is really into the cartoon channel lately, YAY. Lastly, Daniel helped prune the bushes and feed the cute mini goats for Grandpa. Its so weird that goats LOVE the pine needles. :)
Our little mini vacation was a good little getaway to seal our summer vacation. Now we will be doing lots of photography, subsitute teaching, truck driving, and nannying in order to buy a house this fall!

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ThanBon said...

Your grandpa sounds like Nathan when he gets older (fruits and veggies). That's a cool story.