Monday, February 18, 2013

Danagan is 3!!!!

Our little guy is about to turn 3 already!  Here are some little things we love about him.  
Dano sayings:  "I dood it" for "I did it,"
"Starwurst" for "Starburst" candies,
"I kidding you, mommy.
He also likes to use our first names when repeating "mommy" or "daddy" isn't working
He LOVES the shows Super Why and Curious George, and the movies Happy Feet, WALL-E and Toy Story

He is obsessed with spending hours and hours doing Melissa and Doug floor puzzles

Most of all he loves being a big helper as a new big brother.

We did a fun Photo shoot with Danagan this year with a super hero theme in mind :)  Enjoy!


And.......CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS to the rescue!


Darren and Brandi said...

holy crap! you guys cut his hair!!! it looks great! he looks so different, it's crazy!

jamie said...

this is the most fun idea ever! and he looks like a totally different kid in glasses. it's good look for him. he's all indie and stuff...