Sunday, November 4, 2012

Super Late Summer?

Since this summer was full of selfish pregnancy aliments I have really neglected our blog... So, here is a short summer review of activities and milestones.  We tried to do as much camping as possible since we will NOT be doing camping next year with a baby (learned that the hard way!)  We went camping with both our our families at separate times and taught Danagan how to fly a kite along the way.  We went to the Portland Air Museum and splashed at multiple splash parks.  Danagan learned how to pedal his bike in May just in time for camping season. Daniel taught Danagan how to LOVE longboarding and the boys went to their first Mariners game.  What a fun summer...sorry for such a late update!


Biking with both of their happy faces
Learning how to pedal in May.  Right in time for camping for the 4th of July!

Long Boarding with Papa

Decided to take a family outing on a public bus to get ice cream.  What a fun adventure for us all!  He was SOO excited

Splash Park FUN

Firsst Mariner game with the boys

Portland's Museum of flight

Quick visit with cousin Nathan, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Matt

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