Sunday, November 25, 2012

Scissors and Cream: Best Chicken Ever, Parmesan Sweet Potatoes, Cinnamon Cake and Q-Tip Tree Art

For those who are new to our blog I have taken on the challenge to broaden my domestic goddess talents. I will be posting "first attempts" to crafts and recipes each week for your entertainment success or total failure! I call these my Friday's scissor and cream posts.

Parmesan Sweet Potatoes and World's Best Chicken 
(Now I can confirm this title)

I wanted to shake things up a bit with chicken for dinner so I found a recipe from this blog HERE.  It truly is the best chicken dish I have EVER found and SO easy!  This would be another great one to freeze! The Parmesan sweet potatoes are a new favorite as well.  I have been eating these babies as whole meals for this pregnancy.  HERE is the blog for the scrumptious potatoes.

Fall  Q-Tip Tree Art 

Painting with q-tips is fun for any age of kids.  This project is pretty self explanatory so I wont go into detail. Even Kids as young as 18 mo can enjoy this one!  HERE is the blog I copied the idea from. 

Cinnamon Roll Cake

So...I was having a crazy pregnancy craving for cinnabons late one night when the store was clearly closed.  I found this recipe and it seemed to do the trick!  YUM!  HERE is the blog from which I found this delectable dessert.

New favorite kitchen trick!  Thought I would share it with you guys!

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