Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween & Pumpkin Farm

Halloween changed a lot this year since for some reason I am still on and off super sick from this crazy girl.  Its really crazy how great I feel one day and then barely able to feed Danagan and get out of bed the next!  I had big plans for Halloween costumes this year but decided it would be fun to save it for next year.  We went with a pirate theme for all of us.  Really out of convenience and I wanted to show off my fun shirt a little more! HAHA.  Here is the pirate clan.

Pumpkin Painting!!!
I realized I don't really enjoy carving pumpkins.  I don't know if its a problem with the slimy texture or my arthritic fingers incapable of making a proper cuts. This year I loved having Danagan go to the pumpkin farm with me and painting them at home.  Daniel has started his busy season at work so we were REALLY incapable of doing a whole carving family night.  Here is our skinny white Danagan painting and picking out pumpkins.


Still doesn't like to be too messy...just like Daddy :)

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Sarah D said...

So cute for Halloween. Love the Jack Sparrow wig! And that is probably one of the best preggo skeleton shirts I've seen. Pumpkin carving is the best part, but I'll forgive you for skipping out this once:) Nathan paints both arms before attacking the project we work on (I know, not too far from the tree...) so you're lucky less clean up!