Saturday, March 10, 2012

Danagan is TWO! Party pictures to follow!

Our little guy is 2 and we can not believe it still! Here is a little about our new Big Boy.
24 lbs
33 inches
I kind of forced my own obsession of owls upon him early by introducing him to these adorable owl lovies from HERE. He now talks non-stop about owls and carries his lovie everywhere with him! That is why we thought it would be appropriate to do a woodland owl theme for his party this year.
He loves fire trucks and abulances-thanks to his cousin Aidan :)
He really obssesed with Choo-choo's which include the shows Thomas the Train and Chuggington
Also talks non stop about Elmo even though we don't have a single seaseme toy or movie in our house. Anybody else have this at this age?
Words or phrases he says are:
"MaMa-Dada, Watch- Owl hoo-hoo" Yes, this is one sentence he says all the time. He wants us to watch his owl lovie make noise. :)
Watch mococoa (watch motercycles) He says this when riding in the car
Loves talking about lala and coco which are the two girls I nanny everyday with him (their real names are Lyla and Cora)
Says WEEE when he goes around corners in the car or makes his animals do something fun during play time like go down the slide or swing
We have been doing cloth diapers and half way potty training since christmas now. We will be going cold turkey April 1st when I will be transitioning to a new nanny family or watching kids at my home and have more time to do so.
We are SO excited to get to know the new 2 year old Danagan this year as he continues to have more "firsts" such as riding his bike and talking more.

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