Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer of Gardening

Last year we pretty much had a total failure of our massive garden. It was to be expected though since it was our first time. :) All we did this year was combined composted chicken manure with our old mixed dirt (mix of peet moss, vermiculite and fertilizer) and it did magical things. We grew 4 types of lettuce, potatoes, kale, broccoli, sage, rosemary, 2 types of thyme, and spinach. Four REALLY important things we realized we were doing wrong last year was:

1-Watering daily- fixed with a amazing digital water timer hooked to our hose to go off in the early morning.

2- Some plants just have more success starting out as starts from the store: All herbs, tomatoes,

3- Plant on overcast days that are going to be followed by more overcast days. When starts are transplanted the roots need time to settle and find water. If its too hot or sunny the plants will bolt (bloom/flower prematurely) and/or wilt.

4- You always need some little hands to help with the harvesting and labor :)

Bouncy-crazy wheel burrow rides are always a must when working in the yard. Here is Danagan and Hayden (the 4 yr old I nanny).

For some reason he always finds a new way to eat dirt/rocks/trash when we are outside!

Ta-Da I'm a helper!

Hanging up the vertical planter wall hanging with Daddy

Here are half of our 2 boxes and our potato plants

We are going to have to get him his own lawn mower for Christmas because he is obsessed with mowing with daddy

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