Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Seattle gets SNOW?

We FINALLY got some snow this last week and Bothell was one of the cities that got the most I think. We got over 8 inches in our backyard! Danagan could not stop talking about the "no" (snow) and unexpectedly neither could Daniel. HA. I think there are a few special moments that fathers look forward to with their children. Taking them sledding for the first time, making a go-cart from scratch, rough housing with them after work when they are finally old enough and making a super fast wooden derby car. etc... It was SO cute to see giddy Daniel playing with Dano and his cousin Aidan in the snow. Here is a few fun videos and pictures of our weeks events... We loved having a whole week off as a family relaxing and organizing. Downfall is that we will have to work hard over the next couple weeks to make up for it financially :)

This one is the funniest of them all! You can see a glimpse of how much influence they have on each other. We sure are going to be in trouble when these 2 are teenagers!

I'm coming to get you!!!
Run Away "HAHAHA"

Not sure he really knows what happened. Poor guy
Danagan and Aidan have totally different personalities and this picture is a great example. Aidan was all about the sledding on the first try but Danagan had to watch first :)
Both the boys
"Come on Dano"

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