Friday, September 9, 2011

Scissors and Cream (meringue and tin can presents)

Since pie season is coming up I thought I would move up to the challenge of MERIGUE! Sadly, I failed miserably. It was some delightfully delicious goop though! My good friend Jamie has already volunteered to show me how to successfully make merigue sometime so I can perfect this receipe.

This last week my employer had this beauty sitting quietly on her counter when I arrived. I thought "ooh, I could make that for one of my blog posts. I haven't ever made meriegue before. This should be entertaining!"

Problem #1- double the meringue recipe in too small of a bowl. This caused my hopeful meringue not have room to peek and grow.

Problem #2- I used powdered egg whites. This is a mess to use. You have to mix it like crazy for it to become a suitable liquid to add to the recipe. (I have now heard its better to use the real thing)

Problem #3- I also think I poured the boiling hot liquid syrup a little to fast because I had a little screaming helper at my feet :)

Here is my two perfect pies before the white disaster was placed on top (I used it as a topping anyways because I thought it would actually taste ok and be like a marshmellow whip cream) They were a Key Lime Pie and a Chocolate Silk Pie.

In case you were wondering what these were. It is a sample of both types of pies. LOVELY, huh. The pie filling crust turned out wonderfully but the meringue definitely ruined the whole sha-bang. The sad thing is that I made my family take the key lime pie home against their will because I was NOT going to be stuck with 2 whole pies of goop in my fridge all week.


I found this cute cheap gift idea from here. I have been handing these babies out left and right. They are easy to make and ooh so cute! They can be used for teacher appreciation, visiting teaching, friends birthdays, mommy gifts for those who just had babies etc.


Sarah said...

The tin can treats are brilliant. Do you use a side can opener, or just a regular one and glue carefully?
And don't worry about the failed meringue, it happens to everyone. I'm glad that you were courageous enough to blog about it anyway. =)

Daniel said...

Oh no, just a crappy can opener. Careful though which can you pick out to buy for this. Only onese with a lip edge on the bottom will work. Most condensed soups have the nice round edges :/ Hope that helps. They are super fun to do!