Friday, February 25, 2011

Our baby is turning into a VERY busy toddler!

We came to the harsh realization that our quite, passive baby is turning into a crazy rambunctious toddler. At 11 1/2 months he started taking his first steps, not liking anything on his plate and is now into EVERYTHING! His latest trick is that when you grab him away from something he is not suppose to do he hurries and grabs/touches all he can in the area just in case he will never see the area again. He also has developed his "huffing rhino expression" into a lazy nostrils flared and lips into a Elvis curl when we tell him "no!" Hilarious! The reality is that we are loving this very energetic toddler and are having a ton of fun each day!
Haha I dropped the milk!
Concentrating on first steps!
Helping mommy bake dinner
Hee, I am not supposed to be in this one!
We call this "sleepy". He plays this game with the floor and pillows at night. He lays down and we say "sleepy!" He gets a real kick out of it!

Pushing around cousin Nathan at Christmas

Rough housing with Daddy

"We weren't doing anything"
When Aidan turned 1 in January we did some interactive studio shots with both of them


Youngbergs said...

Personally, I think the blissful stage of child-rearing is 6-9 months. They smile, they laugh, they play, and they are basically immobile. Can't beat that. BTW, I love the picture of Danagan driving the car.

jamie said...

LOVE it--he's adorable. i'm still sad we're missing each other for yoga!