Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Whirlwind Picture Post Of Summer

Sorry there are so many pictures but, obviously that is our favorite part of vacation. Here is what the beginning of our summer looked like!
We went to Snoqualmie in June to see the waterfall and get some good fruit from local markets
Danagan is having a hard time breathing because of all the mist :)
Rough housing with Daddy has started at 4 months
Four month old portraits
First time Flying on a plane. We went to Palo Alto and Long Beach,CA for Daniels grandparents 80th anniversary.

Dano and Daniel at the Le Brea Tar Pit museum
Santa Monica Peir
Met great grandparents for the first time!
Swimming in 100 degree heat wave
We're Matchin'

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Youngbergs said...

Hi Laura! Your little boy is so cute. That is so fun he and Aidan are so close in age. Good times. :)