Monday, May 24, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

Our April was the craziest busy I think we have EVER been! We will try to keep the overview short and just post a few pictures but, we can't promise anything :)

The last 3 months we have paid all three insurance deductibles (health, car, and home) for a car wreck, unexpected c-section and the latest...the robbery of our home.

Through all of this we are reminded how thankful we are for our little family. After this last month we have found ourselves often times that Danagan's little smile is the only thing keeping us going! When it all comes done to it, we are grateful that no physical harm has come out of these trials with our new little family.

This April we have done a lot of family things with all three babies that were born in our family. It will be SO much fun when all of the boys are older and really get to play together! We blessed Danagan and had a huge BBQ on our new grill on May 3rd. We are beginning to think NO house will ever be big enough for all of the cousins/sisters/grandparents etc. In April, we made the trek up to Canada to go to the open house of the Vancouver temple. It was such a amazing feeling to look into the eternal mirrors at our family we love so much. Great experience!

Another exciting event that happened was that Daniels father Jon, came home from his deployment to Afganistan and met his first two grand-babies. We are grateful for his safe homecoming and excited to have him help with a few of our projects. Some of our upcoming projects are: replacing the backyard fence, making a wishing well to cover up our hideous septic tank cover, and remodeling different parts of the house.

Below is some of our month of April Adventures we have talked about!
Sorry to play catch up...

Danagan at two months! His smiles are what we live for now!! Such a happy baby!

As they were trying to pry the tv off the wall they unfortunately broke our dresser and wedding pictures :(
Here is the mess they made prying the 50' plasma off the wall with a SHOVEL!

We took our little family to the open house fo the Vancouver Temple in Canada!

Grandpa Jon meeting for the first time his grandbabies at 2 and 4 months old (Danagan & Aidan)
Danagan's blessing which was followed by a combined family BBQ! Our families are so big!

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