Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pregnancy: So Far, So Good

People keep asking "how I am doing" Either people are sincerely asking or we have nothing in common and now we can finally talk about something. Either way here is the gist:

I haven't had a single symptom except uber fattness since we found out I was pregnant. Until this week! Now my lower stomach feels like it is going to ripe out of me or explode I can't tell which one. Either way it is not pretty!

I have been worry daily about losing the baby since I haven't felt a thing...worry no longer.

My sleeping is totally off. Like now its 2:30 and I am wide awake. On my 4 day weekends each week I sleep 10- 15 hours! Crazy

I can't get enough meat, apples and peanut butter and rueban sandwiches!

We have almost everything for the first year of her/his life and I still have 4 1/2 months left! i guess better to be prepared then procrastinate.

FYI- Those of you who happen to be persuading or questioning why we are not finding the sex. Too bad! We are sticking with our guns on this one. I am not sure why everyone thinks this is so wierd. Most of our moms couldn't even get a accurate answer from ultrasounds when they were pregnant. Bottom line is that we realized that there are not my surprises in life and we want our first baby to be one. We will certainly find out the sex with our other children...So, take a deep breathe :)

Employement: I have been a nanny with preemie twins for about 9 months and they were all really excited to hear I was pregnant (so I thought). I recently got a e-mail stating that I will be let go by thanksgiving because they have to trust their gut feeling. What does that statement even mean? The mom had a really rough pregnancy and was put on bedrest with her twins because of a disease they found during the pregnancy. I understand a transition to another nanny but, this is just sad! They claim that it is nothing to do with my performance which, I am glad they said- I haven't had a single sick day or even reasonably late since I have worked for them. Dispite this being extremely illegal to do to a pregnant lady and emotional projection on the mothers part with her own/only experience I am some how hanging in there. It is so awkward each day. I can't help but feel a bit betrayed. I gave up good district jobs with maternity leave and benefits because I loved the family so much. Oh well...

I am now looking for ANY kind of work I can find. I tried to apply to stores in the mall but, Daniel wouldn't let me today. He is a bit more laid back about the financial situation then I am.
So, if any of you know of anyone hiring then pass the info along!!!

Wish us luck with this already bumpy ride!


kaitlyn said...

glad to hear everything is going great! (besides the job obviously). that is pretty ridiculous! you could look on craigslist for some part time stuff or the event type jobs. i don't really know.

we didn't find out with blaine and I LOVED IT! people do think it is weird. most find out. we found out with isla and i will say that i prefer NOT FINDING OUT! it is exciting and that moment when they tell you the sex is so magical. anyway, good luck with everything and enjoy your pregnancy cravings!

EPVCCorier said...

I'm so glad your pregnancy is going well, I'm sorry your employer is bailing on you when you need her the most. Peter and I have lost our jobs with both of my pregnancies right at the very end, it is frightening and a little embarrassing when you have to get help but, I know you will be taken care of just like we were :) Good Luck and enjoy the journey to becoming a Mommy!

marie said...

funny you have everything prepared, really not funny that is wonderful...our baby is due in less than 4 weeks and i'm still having to make lists of what to buy. good luck with the job find, i know it stinks to look now and i'm sure i understand your attitude about fianaces... i tend to be a bit more on that subject then patrick! how exciting to wait to find out the sex, we didn't wait but i think it will be great fun for ya! i think the name molly for a girl would be super cute and andrew for a boy is good! just putting my votes in!

Sarah and James Wagner said...

I am glad everything is going well!! And I am glad you are sticking to your guns about not finding out!!! Not many suprises!!!